Our Commitment To Quality

J.T. Cullen Company, Inc. is dedicated to and known for quality product. With a CWI on staff, we stand behind our products and take pride in the high quality standard our employees share! We are committed to our Quality Management System and pledge to improve our system by continually reviewing our quality objectives and measuring customer satisfaction. Our professionals strive to enhance the value of our products and services to our customers by implementing quality into all aspects of our business.

ISO Certified

J.T. Cullen Company, Inc. is currently ISO 9001:2015 certified. By following the ISO 9001:2015 certification our company is held to international standards of quality, confidence, trust, safety and many other positive values.  If you have any questions regarding ISO 9001:2015, please visit the official site for the International Organization for Standards by clicking here.
Picture taken in 2002

Customer Satisfaction is #1

See some of the excerpts from appreciation letters from our customers!

“The quality of shop fabrication and fit-up on the duct work from J.T. Cullen has been exceptional. I have heard nothing but positive comments from the site and we appreciate their hard work in the shop to make ours easier and more cost effective in the field.”

“We sit right among the best he has ever seen” as far as quality and work ethic. The customer stated that from what he has seen here, what some countries (especially China) believe is “good quality” would not be acceptable here.”

“I would like to thank you and your entire staff for the very rapid turn-around time on the fabrication of the rack and the delivery to the Station…You and your staff were good to work with, keeping communication lines open, identifying issues as they arose, and suggesting solid and viable solutions to those issues. And, the fact that you met our schedule and kept the costs minimal is paramount.”

“The fabrication was near flawless and you should be very proud of your shop men.”

“The Cullen Company of Fulton Illinois is a highly valued supplier, and has been for many years. The Cullen Company has consistently provided quality products at fair and competitive pricing. Further, the personnel at Cullen Company have proven to be extremely competent in their functions and have collectively always offered a genuine attitude of willingness and cooperation towards fulfilling the needs.
I consider the Cullen Company to be one of my premier, most reliable suppliers.”

“We received the new elbow and within two days it was called into service. I can not express to how important this effort was. By having it here we were able to minimize what could have been a significant delay to the furnace”

“Again, your company has provided some very unique services to keep our sails and stones turning. I think it is why our community has gotten the attention of the Governor’s Cup Award committee.”